How I lost 50lbs

June of 2015 I realized I hadn’t eaten meat in a few days so I said to myself “ok, let’s see how long I can do this.” At the time I was a full time consultant. I didn’t know what days I’d be in an office or on the go. I also had a bunch of veggies about to spoil. So I blended all the veggies with bananas and thankfully I love Talenti so I filled those empty jars with this new smoothie concoction and froze them. On my way out the door I’d throw one in my purse. If I was on the go that day it’s melt in perfect time for lunch. Ok so I did that for a week. Regular breakfast. Smoothie. Some kind of salad or veggies and dinner. I looked up in September and had lost thirty pounds. What?! Huh?! I had never!! 

It was then that I realized it wasn’t not eating meat. It was eating everything I associate with meat. The arroz con gandules, soda, fries etc. so now what?  I’ve lost a bit of weight. Gained some back. It’s now or never! I need to control my life! In the words of ever famous Big Pun “I just wanna live!!!”

I got a Fitbit and I love it! I love being in a competition with myself. I love the awards and trophies and recently fell in love with challenges. 

The Fitbit syncs with myfitnesspal. MyFitnessPal is an app where you can log workouts and food and more! So I started logging my food. At first I made sure to stay within the calorie goal. Once you master that master the nutrition tab. This is not easy! So many things that are sold are extremely high in sodium and sugar so this pushes you to cook at home. To add flavor at home I use Flavor God spices. 

So here we are. A few weeks from my vegiversary and I am down 50lbs. I haven’t weighed this amount since high school! Look out! I have just started!!