Aguas Buenas, PR- Flan de Coco

Aguas Buenas Puerto Rico is a small town that broke off from Caguas in the mid 1800’s. Aguas Buenas is the biggest egg producer in Puerto Rico with 144, 000 eggs produced daily.

Today’s recipe is a wonderful, delicious, rich dessert. Flan!!

Flan De Coco (coconut custard)
1 can of condensed milk
1 can coconut milk
1/2 can creme of coconut
5 eggs

1c sugar
1c water

Mise en Place-
1 large bowl, 9″ round nonstick baking pan, larger pan that the 9″ pan can fit into, whisk, nonstick saucepan, 1 qt pot

For the caramel
pour the 1 c of water in the sauce pan. When the water boils pour in the 1 cup of sugar. Let the sugar caramelize. The mixture will continue to boil. The bubbles will get bigger and pop slower. Watch the color until it is golden brown. Take this and pour it into the bottom of the 9″ pan. It will quickly set and look like glass.

Bain Marie- Baño de Maria- Boil 1 qt of water in your pan.

Preheat your oven to 350˚.

In the large bowl mix all of your eggs. Add half the can of the coconut creme- this tends to separate in the can so stir it and bring it back together in the can or in a small bowl. Add the can of condensed milk and coconut milk. Combine all until its uniform in texture. Feel free to add shredded coconut- just remember this is custard so the coconut will rise to the top and brown a bit- the top will be the bottom of the flan when turned out. Pour this mixture in the pan with the caramel.

Place this pan into the larger pan and fill the larger pan 3/4 of the way up the 9″ round. Pop it in the over for an hour or until golden brown and a knife/ toothpick come out clean.

Let flan sit for 6-8 hours. the longer it sets the firmer it gets.

Now this- as Dora says- DELICIOSO!!!