Life Before GOYA….

In 1936 a wonderful baby was born to Don Prudencio Unanes and his wife Carolia- GOYA. They started a storefront in Manahattan that catered to the growing need for fresh hispanic ingredients. Ever since GOYA became popular we have lived life so much easier. GOYA makes and prepackages so many foods our grandmas used to make with sweat, love and tears. Every dish I have leanred to make contains a GOYA product. So for tomorrows recipe I decided to research ingredients… PRE-GOYA. Sazon is a blend of many delicious ingredients that are packaged up in one tiny envelope (about 2 tbsp). I use this to season my rice, meat and almost anything else I cook. There are so many different kinds of Sazon- Sazon con culantro y achiote, Sazon natural, Sazon con azafran and more. In my house we get Sazon con culantro y achiote. Culantro is an aromatic green leaf much like cilantro but with a more pronounced flavor. Achiote is also known as Anatto- this is a flowering plant that has seed pods that look like a cluster of hair red almonds. Inside this pod are a bunch of tiny red seeds. These seeds were used before Sazon was available to add color to dishes. Achiote seeds are still found in markets. To make a coloring for your rice you cna add seeds to some olive oil and heat it slowly for a while until the oil is unfused. Burning this mixture makes the oil turn green and the seeds get black.


Achiote Oil
1c Olive oil
2 1/2 tbsp Achiote Seeds

Warm oil and seeds until oil is infused with color.

For 1 1/2 teaspoons of seeds you can use 1 teaspoon of Achiote powder.