Wheatgrass in my weightloss journey

GOL-wheat-grassOn June 5, 2015 I stopped eating meat.  This was not intentional.  I have done this 2 or 3 times in the past “just because”.  Once was when I was pregnant and I literally only wanted Honey Nut Cheerios and green grapes. Another time was in culinary school.  We were making veal stock and to see these baby calf bones cut up, killed my heart.  So this was nothing new…. so I thought.  I took this time as an opportunity to optimize my health.  My knees were hurting.  My back always hurt.  The time was NOW or never.  Summer was the peak of my consulting so I was running around on average 5 hours a day.  I made 6 green smoothies and Froze them.  Took 1 to work everyday and drank it while I was running around.  After about a month I felt better.  I weighed myself and realized I had lost 20 lbs! I found a picture in a dress I had worn last year for my birthday and the difference was finally noticeable to me.  Thanks to this social media age we are in- I noticed pictures say more! I had previously lost up to 40lbs but never “noticed” the difference and would get discouraged.  This time when I noticed the 20lbs fell off I took measurements and pictures.  I’m not 30 lbs down and trying to maintain it and go further! I started taking chondroitin and glucosamine for my knee and it worked immediately.  I also take B12, daily vitamin and recently incorporated Biotin to try and get my hair longer.  Another thing I found and loved was a product by Garden of Life.  It is a wheatgrass powder.  I combined one scoop with water and ginger crystals.  Now of course you dont notice what things do until you stop.  When I stopped making my wheatgrass drink I got sleepy earlier, more sluggish and my mind was not as sharp.  Here are 50 reasons why you should incorporate wheatgrass into your diet.  I hope I have inspired you to try it!