Coquito Masters Competition

In 2014 I participated in my first Coquito Masters competition.  It was my first year making Coquito but I was confident and wanted to give it a shot.  I placed 3rd.  This year, 2015, I was adamant in snagging a spot at the famous Museo Del Barrio in East Harlem.  this meant a lot to me because of all of the history and culture there is.  I emailed, got my spot and competed among others for the title of first place.  I went in relaxed, handed over my gallon and sat outside ont he beautiful night.  I vowed not to taste other’s because self criticism is the worst! I went back in and awaited the results.  they called the 3rd place winner.. ok, not me… second place… what?! not me? ok well then I MUST be first because my coquito is great.  Then Debbie said my name and I looked over to my family and they were cryign like I won a Grammy or something! To say I was happy and felt the love my family had was an understatement!  Enjoy the pictures and be sure to come out to the final Coquito Masters December 12th in Brooklyn’s Borough Hall!