Epitome of Hospitality- Le Cirque


We have all seen the funny pictures chefs post cursing up a storm during Restaurant Week.  I bet none of them work at Le Cirque (well… hope not!). I had the pleasure of dining at Le Cirque on July 22nd for dinner.  Another common misconception shot down- they were nice even though we were only there because it was Restaurant Week.  My friend and I walked in to the restaurant and were quickly greeted and sat at a table.  The Captain was attentive and checked on us frequently.  The service was seamless and everyone… EVERYONE was all smiles.

At the end of our meal.. after my guest repeatedly spoke of the kitchen… someone asked us if we wanted a look. (umm heck yea!!!)  We were then given a tour and it is beautifully kept!  Everyone was in crisp whites and looked so happy, working stations were clean and food plating was done with precision.  What could be better, right?  Well after dinner I posted a picture on Instagram and their Sous Chef commented and said he was happy we had a great time… who does that?!?!?!?!?!?! People in LOVE with what they do, that’s who! So… I encourage you to take a stroll over to Le Cirque and dine.  Well worth it!

We had:

Appetizers: Tuscan Quinoa Salad, Lobster Risotto

Entrées: Grilled Hanger Steak, Roasted Turbot

Dessert: Crème Brulee, Chocolate Fondant

NYC Restaurant Week menu at Le Cirque: http://www.lecirque.com/menu_locu