This week’s Trader Joe’s Item Reviews!


I make my own Honey Dijon Vinaigrette for my salads and saw this today for $1.99 and figured “why not?!”  I tried this out in my vinaigrette and it worked… however this is a bit runny- not as thick as Dijon Mustard.  I left honey out of my vinaigrette and this did well. Click here for the recipe.





A while ago- maybe 4 years now- I tried whole bananas covered in dark chocolate that TJ’s was selling.  I was not a fan.  The banana was way too hard and when you bit it the chocolate would fall off.  Found these cuties today and got them for J (my son).  We put them in the freezer for a bit and then gave them a try.  These slices are the perfect size for one bite eating.  The chocolate is not overly sweet, banana is perfectly ripe (a bit on the green side so perfect in my preference) and NOT HARD on the teeth.  I’m a fan!


J was with me today (which I normally don’t do because a growing boy will easily add $20 to your cart!) and he tried this mix out at the coffee counter. J loves yogurt and especially those danimals cups with the cookie crumbles.  Each item was $2.99 so together $6… those danimals cups are 4 for $6.99.  This is a great cheap and organic alternative.