As Latina as her Red Lipstick- Chef Daisy Martinez

Since the days of Daisy Cooks on PBS I have been a huge fan of the Crimson lipped Goddess that is Daisy Martinez.  I wanted to be her!  Then while I was enrolled in Hospitality Management courses at NYC College of Technology I had the opportunity to meet her at a volunteer event. This woman is truly amazing.  She is what you think of when you picture a Latina.  She is warm, loving, caring and hospitable (and has the coolest Brooklyn accent!)  Her new web series debuted today at noon and it was just as I remember her… REAL!  She doesn’t hide anything and her emotions are visible to us, her fans.  I can’t wait to watch more.

Fave quotes this episode:

“There isn’t a significant moment in my life that I can’t attach a dish to…. That’s food for me.”

“If I have the opportunity to receive love in the shape of food or to give love… there is nothing more comforting.”

When speaking about cooking her own food “I rather spend 30-45 minutes instead of eating foods with a number and 26 letter after their name” – Girl yesssss!!!!!!!

Link to Episode 1:

New episodes will be posted Wednesdays at Noon.