The Smorgasburg @ the Seaport


My coworkers and I heard this place was coming and we were so excited!  We went at 1pm for lunch on a Friday and the crowd was bearable.  Everything is made to order but totally worth it.   The outdoor seating made for a sunny lunch.  In addition to food there is beer on tap.

From Asia Dog: The Mel & Steve- sesame asian slaw, scallions and sesame seeds.  The Sydney- Thai mango relish, cucumber, cilantro, red onions and topped with peanuts.  Both of these hot dogs were good.  They offer a choice of chicken or beef hot dogs.  The mango relish was a bit mushy and I wish it had a bit more bite to it but the overall flavor was yummy!

Red Hook Lobster Pound: Shrimp Roll… buttery deliciousness!!!!! I love shrimp salad but rarely get it because I despise the taste of dill.  Thankfully this didn’t have any (or very little). The bread was fresh, buttered and toasted.  On the way back to the office this was already sold out!

Soda: Cant remember the name of the cart but I tried the hibiscus mint soda on tap… very refreshing and not sweet!

Landhaus: Serving burgers and pieces of bacon (3 for $8, 1 for $3).  How could I pass up a fresh piece of maple bacon?!?!  Needless to say… awesomeness on a stick!

Next trip… trying the grilled cheese stand!

Tacu Tacu in Brooklyn- Review


Appetizer: Empanadas

Entrees: Pineapple Sampan, Steak Au Poivre, Churrasco Tacu Tacu, Pollo A La Brasa,  Chicken  Pineapple Sampan

Dessert: Chocolate Empanadas, Fried Ice cream

Tacu Tacu doesn’t have a website but here is the menu pages link.

Went to Tacu Tacu in the ever- up and coming area of Brooklyn by Bedford Avenue.  As a food lover I stepped out of the train station and heard Angels singing.  OK, not literally but this strip of Bedford Ave. is restaurant after restaurant.  I got to dinner an hour early to walk around and see what else is out here.  I found out that a place I have been dying to try is also in the area, Pies n Thighs! But, enough about the area…. let’s get down to business.

Tacu Tacu is a restaurant dining area ont he first floor and a karaoke bar on the lower level. There are 2 entrances but lead to the same place.. weird but whatever, I was distracted by the happy hour sign outside said $5 drinks before 7 and it was 6:30!  I ordered a frozen pina colada and it was good.. really good.  I was with a group of 15 people.  Pricing at this place is   cheap to moderate.  Ambiance is ok… the place is dark!  We all had to take pictures of our food before we started eating to be sure we got the right thing.

Empanadas- the crust was…. crusty.  Not flaky, not butter… it just did it’s job of holding the meat inside.

Entrees- Chicken and meats were cooked well and seasoned well.  You get a choice of jasmine rice or coconut rice.  Additional sides are $3.

Desserts- I wouldn’t recommend the Chocolate empanadas (see above), desserts are meant to be decadent.  We also had the fried ice cream.  If you are here for a fun time get this dessert.  It is delivered to the tabel and set on fire, very cool presentation.

Overall thoughts- There are so many restaurants in the neighborhood I don’t see why people would go to the same one twice.  Therefore, sure, give this one a try but don’t plan on going again.