Cool Salad Dressing Bottle


This cool Koler Dressing Bottle has easy to follow measurements for 8 salad dressings.  This is a great start until you get the hang of making your own.  These bottles run for about $8.

Expand your Beer Knowledge


After recently being invited to all of these work related happy hours I realized I needed to expand my Beer Knowledge.  Much to my surprise, I found this fun and entertaining article in June’s edition of Food & Wine Magazine:  Beer Tasting Workout: Train Yourself to be a Better Beer Taster.  This article gives you excerises to figure out what kinds of beers you will like and gives you the vocabulary necessary to convey your desires.  As a friend I will not let you go to one of these new trendy bars and ask for  a Bud Light or Corona- not that there is anything wrong with it, but we have to expand our horizons. (Plus, those are rarely the $4 beers at happy hour!)



Cool Gizmo- Spiral Cutter


In searching for new ways to make veggies and pasta I found this beauty! It makes any straight vegetable into spaghetti sized julienne strips.  Pictured is the GEFU Spirelli Cutter and it runs for about $30.

A Day at Yankee Stadium



I have been to Yankee Stadium many times but this was something worth writing about (aside from suites).  We had bleecher seats and decided to walk around and look for good food buys.  We found Fried Oreos in the food court for $6, typical hot dogs and cracker jacks but what caught our eye were GARLIC FRIES.  This heaping mound of fries (a small!) was $6 and with cheese, a bit more.  We decided to go for the prize!  We ordered chicken fingers and fries and a small order of the cheesy garlic fries (finished neither because it was soooo much!).  One week later my son is still asking when we are going back for these.  Garlic Fries are located at sections 108, 206 and 331.

Some other good buys included a bucket of fries and chicken tenders- not ideal for 2 people but can easily give for a family of 4 and it was about $30- which is a steal for ballpark meals.

Here is the Yankee Stadium food map.

Mother’s Day Brunch @ Elmo


Elmo- 156 7th Avenue, New York NY 10011

My sister and I went to Elmo’s for brunch on Mother’s day.  We had been once before and we love it!  As single moms it makes us feel like we are hanging out without our children!  The staff is always happy and attentive, knowledgable about the menu and they accommodate the kids with whatever they want.  We had the french toast, pancakes, hot chocolate, huevos rancheros and of course Bellini’s to celebrate!

Anytime we go to brunch anywhere we pretty much order the same thing because it is fail safe.  However these pancakes really are wonderful!  They are made of a very light and fluffy batter.  We asked for a banana sliced and of course, they made it happen!  The French toast is also tasty.  It is not eggy and not mushy, you can still taste the bread- which in this case was raisin walnut bread.  Huevos Rancheros were made to order with two egga over easy, served on tortillas with cheese, salsa, avocado and potatoes.  It seemed like a small portion of potatoes but it is very filling and just the right amount.

With the disco ball and the music it is easy to think you are in a club but the great thing is you can still hear what your companion is saying.  This is a great place to try if nearby Cafeteria is too full and the line is too long.  Of course, we will go again.

Thank you Elmo!