Cooking With Chef CutiePie: Sofrito, the staple of Puerto Rican cooking.

Just because you live in NY doesnt mean you can’t make home made sofrito like your abuelita.  I went to fine fare and was pleasantly surprised that they sell recao.  I hadn’t found this uptown since i moved here.    I use about 1/2 the recao as I use cilantro.  4 ajis (ah-hees- the little peppers that look like Jamaican scotch bonnet peppers but are NOT hot), 4 garlic cloves (I love garlic) 1 medium onion, 1 medium green pepper, 1 packet of sazon and olive oil.
I use my cuisineart mini processor.  First I put in all of the peppers, onion and garlic and blend those.  These have  a high water content so this is why I do this first.  I our that into a bowl.  Then i put in all of the leafy greens with some olive oil.  If you don’t put olive oil the blending takes longer since there is no lubrication.  When done i mix it all up together and add a packet of sazon.  This bunch seen in the picture made a little less than 1 pint.  I use sofrito to season meat and in almost everything i make- soup, beans, stews etc.