Arecibo, PR- Pollo Guisado

Arecibo is the largest town on the island of Puerto Rico. It is home to the largest radio telescopes in the world. It is also home to the cueva del indo (Indians cave).

Today’s recipe is Pollo Guisado- stew chicken

Chicken legs and thighs
Corn on the cob
Tomato sauce
1 can beer

Sazon, Cilantro, Adobo, Sofrito, Salt, Pepper

Wash and rinse the chicken. Arrange the chicken in one layer across a pan. The best way I can describe how to season is by saying that you should sprinkle the seasoning across the meat to evenly and lightly coat it. There is no right or wrong amount..ok well maybe there is a wrong amount lol. After seasoning the meat rub in the spices well and let it marinate while you get the veggies together. Peel the potatoes and cut into small uniform pieces. I usually cut a large potato into 6 pieces and i use baby carrots so no peeling or cutting necessary. Husk and wash your corn if it is fresh and cut an ear of corn into 3 pieces.In a glass or stainless steel pot (aluminum gives off a subtle taste) put a bit of olive oil in. Saute and sweat one small onion and 3 cloves of garlic… this is necessary btu adds a bit of extra flavor. Brown the chicken until golden brown. When you have browned all of the chicken place it all back in the pan and cover it with either chick broth or water. Add salt and pepper tot he water mixture. Let the chicken stew for about half an hour on simmer. Put in your vegetables and tomato sauce. give the broth a taste and season as you wish. This goes great with white rice.