These milkshakes are brining everyone to the yard!! 


 Everyone is flying to Black Tap  for these shakes but solely for how it LOOKS. Call me old fashioned but I still love QUALITY! these shakes were disappointing. As a chocolate lover it was sad to bite into the Reese’s and it was Russell Stivers. Yes I’m petty but whatever! The shakes take FOREVER to come out and the actual amount of shake is maybe 8oz. Which is water because of I guess how long it took to decorate the cup. Pass on this and walk two blocks to my old faithful, bills Bar & Burger and get their milkshake. Better tasting and enough to share 😉

Angie Martinez Day!

On November 19, 2015 City Hall held a Puerto Rican Heritage celebration. This year they honored artist Manny Vega and “The Voice of New York”,  Angie Martinez with their day. Angie has been a pillar in the hip hop community and for those of you that saw Brown Sugar she asks the ever famous question.. When did you fall in love with hip hop. Angie took a turn last year, as did fellow Boricua Fat Joe, and went healthy! Angie helped write a book on making typical Puerto Rican food with healthy alternatives.

Sad news in Chelsea

I grew up in Chelsea and one of the most vivid memories I have of food is when my dad would take me to La Taza de Oro for breakfast. It was a greasy spoon, old school diner and we LOVED it. We would get avena (oatmeal) and my dad, pan y cafe (bread and coffee) of course. This place is exactly how I envisioned a restaurant I’d own. A neighborhood spot, welcoming and loving…..all through food. Nine months ago the facade of a neighboring building fell. La Taza has been closed since due to a vacate order. I prayed and watched blogs and watched gofundme hoping for positive news about this neighborhood landmark. Finally, today, the blogs are crying their sorrows over the official closing of La Taza. This means the end of a generation not just one restaurant. Cabo Rojo restaurant on 26th and 9th avenue recently closed and now this. Puerto Rican families have faded out due to what we now call gentrification. 😔 


Chef CutiePie meets Manolo of Mofongo!



This is a very late post but this past summer I made it my duty to go visit mi hermano, Manolo, at the Smorgabusrg in Coney Island.  Manolo had a dream to bring Puerto Rican food to NYC and share the love we all know it to be.  He brought us MOFON*GO.  I love to see anything about Puerto Rican food in print and this summer Bon Apetit Magazine interviewed Manolo.  You heard right! a big name food magazine.. the grandpa of food mags.. interviewed a BORICUA! You can watch the interview here.  Watching this made me cry.  Yes, Puerto Ricans are citizens but if you have heard anything in the past year the debt crisis on the island is out of control.  To be able to get this type of recognition is huge!  Anyway… I went to visit Manolo and took him some coquito pa’ celebrar! Its always love seeing your people succeed and Manolo is so damn cool about it! Always love and apoyo!

The Smorgasburg @ the Seaport


My coworkers and I heard this place was coming and we were so excited!  We went at 1pm for lunch on a Friday and the crowd was bearable.  Everything is made to order but totally worth it.   The outdoor seating made for a sunny lunch.  In addition to food there is beer on tap.

From Asia Dog: The Mel & Steve- sesame asian slaw, scallions and sesame seeds.  The Sydney- Thai mango relish, cucumber, cilantro, red onions and topped with peanuts.  Both of these hot dogs were good.  They offer a choice of chicken or beef hot dogs.  The mango relish was a bit mushy and I wish it had a bit more bite to it but the overall flavor was yummy!

Red Hook Lobster Pound: Shrimp Roll… buttery deliciousness!!!!! I love shrimp salad but rarely get it because I despise the taste of dill.  Thankfully this didn’t have any (or very little). The bread was fresh, buttered and toasted.  On the way back to the office this was already sold out!

Soda: Cant remember the name of the cart but I tried the hibiscus mint soda on tap… very refreshing and not sweet!

Landhaus: Serving burgers and pieces of bacon (3 for $8, 1 for $3).  How could I pass up a fresh piece of maple bacon?!?!  Needless to say… awesomeness on a stick!

Next trip… trying the grilled cheese stand!